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Discover Your Perfect Workation

As easy as ordering food, as reliable as a German handshake.

Try our AI powered WhatsApp Assistant now!

Swift bookings. Real-time data.

Your next getaway is just a chat away.

Welcome to WXplr - Where workation dreams come true. Are you an ambitious entrepreneur, a hardworking professional, or a digital nomad yearning to explore the world while staying productive? Look no further! With the WXplr Booking Assistant, we bring you a seamless and intelligent solution to book your next workation adventure with ease.

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At WXplr, our mission is to make workations a breeze. Our innovative WhatsApp Booking Assistant, powered by advanced AI technology and real-time information, simplifies the entire workation booking process. We believe in the freedom of remote work coupled with the joy of traveling, fostering cultural connections, and promoting sustainable tourism. Join us as we unlock new horizons and create unforgettable workation experiences.

We understand the struggles of workation booking.

Coordinating travel arrangements, accommodations, and workspace requirements can be time-consuming and daunting. Visa requirements, transportation logistics, suitable workspace availability, and managing work-related equipment or documents all add to the complexities faced by workationers like you.

Introducing the WXplr WhatsApp Booking Assistant - your intelligent virtual assistant designed to simplify the process of booking a workation. Leveraging GPT, NLP, and real-time data crawling, our assistant provides a seamless and user-friendly experience with a range of valuable features.

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Company Friendly Choices

Our Handpicked partners cater to remote-working employees and entrepreneurs, offering all amenities necessary for productive work.

Support Throughout Your Journey

Whether it's a booking change or question about the destination, the WXplr chatbot is ready to assist.

Data Protection

No user data will be shared and we will protect your privacy in accordance with GDPR 

Optimize Your Work-Life Balance

Discover new places while you work, without the fuss of logistics or booking details.

Zero Hassle Planning

Let our chatbot assistant guide you through the booking process, saving you time and effort.

Safe And Trustworthy

Our platform adheres to your company's standards and guidelines, ensuring you travel with confidence.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable workation journey? Sign up now to be among the first to use the WXplr Booking Assistant. Experience the simplicity of booking your next workation directly from one single platform.

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About us

At WXplr, we understand the needs of modern travelers who crave work-life balance and seek enriching experiences. 

Our team not only has many years of experience in marketing, IT & digitalization and business development - All of them traveled and worked  from many different countries in  the world. We live workations.

Beach Town
“The concept is awesome! I haven't seen anyone else leveraging AI for this kind of thing. Great job!"

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WXplr - Workation Explorer
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